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Vision Quests


In traditional cultures the vision quest was an opportunity for the individual to bring back to his or her community a new way to see and understand reality. Although individual effort was undertaken, to climb the mountain, to sit in the circle, to fast, meditate and wait, sometimes for just one or, as Jesus and Budda, thirty-forty or more days, for a vision that would bring meaning, each quester felt supported by the community which knew of the journey and awaited its outcome. Upon return, every aspect of the experience was explored by the elders (advisors) for the rich source of information it provided both for the individual and the community. The pic on the right is of the last of the nimbus of late summer, early autumn. Our last Quest took place under perfect weather in Sweet Medicine valley. Not even a breeze stirred the turquoise skies. Red Shafted Flickers, the largest woodpecker in New Mexico, carried messages of courage-to-face-change to Questers and Community alike.


Typically, the last morning of the Quest begins with the Emergence Sweat Lodge beginning with the emergence of Grandfather Sun. Both are symbols of the New Beginning and the resurrection of Hope.

So; what's "magic"? Examples: The sudden realization that BEING is enough......and DOING has little to do with a happy life. or; the understanding, far too mild a term, that we are connected to the Earth through our hearts and our heads keep us from really knowing that. Most often the first conscious outcome of a Vision Quest is a sudden knowing at the deepest core, that there IS something, a consciousness, running this show. And this "something" is a loving, giving, compassionate force. This is only the first realization, and it serves as the foundation for all that follows and continues to unfold for long after the Quest itself has ended.

Vision QuestSpirit Earth Path. Most of our quests are set up for five days total; two days in camp and three out in the Quest circle. Besides the Quests scheduled, we can arrange one for you anytime......weather permitting.

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