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The Long Dance

   (Read all the way to the bottom. c)


    2014 was the last Dance Raven and I led.
    When we pulled the Long Dance card on New Years Eve 2013, both of us felt a bit reluctant but we knew it was time to end. We thought, even hoped, the card we would pull would speak more obviously to “The End”. But the 7 of Rods which had last shown up in ’06 didn’t feel that way….and, not for the first time, I considered not accepting it as the card that was meant-to-be. But my own tradition of Long Dance card pulling has been to accept the card as pulled and discover, subsequently, what it would mean. So, 7 of Rods it was. However, as I began writing the announcement I thought I’d ask what other cards could be offered by the “Universe” that might be more succinct, might fill in the blanks. First I pulled the 2 of Swords (decide without knowing the outcome, but DECIDE!). Not content, I pulled yet another and it turned out to be the 2 of Pentacles (get both feet in the boat and prepare for the journey). OK! I finally GOT it! no more cards needed.
    But what did I have? That more than 32 years after the first drum beat sounded, it was time to STOP and move on, so 2014 was the last Long Dance I, and we, were going to lead and there was no point (or need) to wrestle with that any longer.
    Our conflict had been the wish to continue for the community vs. the personal knowing that we had been ready to retire as leaders for some time.
    Yes, this Coyote had woofed like this before so why should this be taken seriously? Well, because we knew that it WAS time to move on.
    Our prayer was that others would take on the mantle of leadership and create more Long Dances. It was time for all the seeds that had been dispersed on fertile ground to take root.
    It certainly wasn't that the Kiva would go dark…we had just ended this particular manifestation of OUR journey. In the midst of mourning the loss of so many things I and we loved about the Dance, a process that had previously kept me unwilling to let go, suddenly I knew it was time to move into eagle-vision and began to see the BIG picture. I finally understood that all those gifts and processes would be kept alive because the Dance would be kept alive! It was just time for something new, something beautiful and nourishing to our hearts and souls to be carried forward by others.

    Yes we "Stopped" in 2014, but The Dance was then picked up by Steve and Lenora Breeze and a new era began. No one had wanted this wonderful experience to end just because Raven and I stepped away. We were, and are, overjoyed by the fact that these two have moved into the center of the Circle and created a new Long Dance experience. What a blessing!
                                                                                   coyote, 2019

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